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In his book, “YES!”, psychologist Robert B. Cialdini tells of a

study of a group of people asked to volunteer for an AIDS education camp.

In one study, only 17% who said they would come to the camp

actually showed up.

In another study, 49% who said they would come to the camp

actually showed up.

What made the huge difference?

The group who showed up at the higher rate had filled out a form

stating that they would be there.

This is known as “active commitment”.

You see, anyone can say they will do something. Anyone can say

they want success.

Worse yet, anyone can THINK they want success.

But those who actually take the ACTIVE step of putting their

commitment in writing live up to those commitments at a far higher rate.

Question: How many of your success goals have you written down?

Matt Lloyd wrote all of his goals down. And he’s earned over

$51,000,000 with his system for online success.

Now, he’s written that system down for you.

21 steps that are guaranteed to earn you commissions.

When you’re ready to make an active commitment to your success,

here’s the system that will help you follow through…

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